Bio Make-up, das die natürliche Schönheit einer jeden Seele zum Ausdruck bringt…


Naturalness and authenticity are at the forefront of the development of our natural care products. Coupled with the boundless creativity of product developer and entrepreneur Shaoyun Liang, her natural cosmetics have touched many hearts on a deep level. Some aim to put an end to skin conditions, while others seek to maintain their health through anti-aging products, health teas, and natural soaps. Regardless of the concerns, we have all become avid nature enthusiasts and greatly appreciate the healing properties of TCM herbs.

During our conversations with customers, we often sense their desire for even more genuine high-quality natural cosmetics to replace industrially manufactured products with questionable ingredients. There is currently a significant shift happening in this field, as we become more aware of our deep connection with nature and its presence within us. Shaoyun Liang has long been aware of this and is now ready to embark on a new challenge: a natural makeup line!

Some may think that nowadays every drugstore carries at least one makeup line based on natural cosmetics, and that it's nothing new or extraordinary. But have you ever delved into the "natural" ingredients of these natural products? We all know that even in nature, there are substances that are not beneficial to our bodies and can even cause harm. Unfortunately, to replace the industrial additives in a makeup line, numerous companies still consider using natural substances from these plants to achieve the desired effect and efficacy of the products. The fact that many substances like titanium dioxide are suspected to be carcinogenic or can harm our bodies in other ways often goes unnoticed by consumers.

Shaoyun Liang has made it her mission to make a clear statement through carefully selected ingredients: even toxic and harmful plants are part of nature, but they have no place in a makeup line! With this realization, she was faced with the actual challenge of determining which natural substances, without harming the skin, could provide the desired effects. However, with her openness and creativity, she quickly found an answer. Nature is full of colors found in herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits, which form the basis of her organic makeup line. Lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows, and more can now be discovered from a completely new perspective. Without titanium dioxide or questionable additives, they express the natural beauty within each individual soul.

Shaoyun's safe and cruelty-free organic makeup line is a dream come true for every nature lover. The products are easy to apply and give each person a good feeling. And here's a special bonus: the natural products also have a nourishing effect and protect the skin from drying out. Dry skin, skin irritations, and redness after applying makeup are a thing of the past. Moreover, the makeup can be gently removed with Shaoyun's herbal facial cleanser - allowing you to consciously avoid makeup wipes that can irritate the skin, leaving your skin fresh, healthy, and well cared for afterwards.

Whether it's your daily work routine in the office or a special occasion, with Shaoyun's makeup line, you will feel comfortable in your own skin and radiate beauty and elegance.

Zur Lippenstifte ohne Titandioxid


Lippenstift ohne Titandioxid

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